How To Be Happy And Confident In Life

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  3. How to Feel Happy and Confident in Yourself (Girls): 5 Steps
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It spirals from there. Have you ever gone into a stressful situation assuming the worst—that something would go wrong? Pessimism can undermine your performance creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Confidence comes not from knowing you know everything, but from knowing you can handle what comes up. No one in the world knows everything. Everyone is good at some things and not so good at others. If someone criticizes you, take it as an opportunity to improve.

If someone does better than you, see it as an opportunity to learn from them. If you fall short at something, realize you can get closer next time.

Germany Suicide Hotlines

Confidence comes from a space of humility. It is spawned when we dare to see the world through an alternate lens. It grows when we have the courage to embrace the experience of the unknown and the unknowable. People often think confidence means knowing you can create the outcome you desire.

No matter how talented, smart, or capable you are, you cannot predict or control everything that happens in your life. Confidence is a funny thing. You go out and do the thing you're most terrified of, and the confidence comes afterwards. When I first moved to San Francisco, I was highly insecure with relationships.

Eventually I realized the only way out was through. I had to crawl, walk, fall, and repeat to get comfortable with vulnerability and conflict. I made tons of mistakes, and a lot of it hurt. Taking a compliment is an art.

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Occasionally, this may be true, but for the most part you earn the praise you receive. Instead, recycle it into confidence. You did a fantastic job on your project at work; that means you can do it again. Other people want you to succeed. Like anything else in life, your confidence will improve with practice. A great opportunity to do this is when you meet new people. Just like if you were the new kid in school, they have no idea who you are—meaning you have an opportunity to show them.

As you shake their hand, introduce yourself, and listen to them speak, watch your internal monologue.

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If you start doubting yourself in your head, replace your thoughts with more confident ones. Ask yourself what a confident person would do and then try to emulate that. Watch your posture and your tone. Hunching and mumbling will make you feel and look less confident, so stand up and speak slowly and clearly. People are more apt to see you how you want to be seen if they suspect you see yourself that way.

How to Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change the World

You may have confidence in some areas and not in others; that's how it works for most of us. Draw from those areas where you're self assured. If you feel inadequate in professional situations, recall how it feels physically when you're confident in relationships. If you're insecure in love, access what you feel when you're comfortable around friends. Knowing that intellectually is the first step to believing it in your heart.

Believing it is the key to living it. And living it is the key to reaching your potential. Photo by Satoru Kikuchi. I apologize if I did not respond to your comment. Take inventory of the people in your life.

How to Feel Happy and Confident in Yourself (Girls): 5 Steps

Are they in alignment with your core values? Do they lift you up or drag you down? Let Go Of Grudges We've all been hurt by another person. Letting go of a grudge frees you from negativity and allows more space for positive emotions to fill in.

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You do it for yourself. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetting, and it's not easy, but is absolutely essential if you want to move forward with self-respect and confidence. Plus, the habit of getting early every day is one shared by many successful people, as it enhances your productivity and focus. But remember NOT to confuse kindness with being a people-pleaser!

Speak Well of Others It may be tempting to gather around the office water cooler to get and give the daily gossip, but talking negatively about others is like taking a bath in negative emotions; your body soaks them up. Instead, make it a point to only say positive, don't let other people gossip in your company.

Take Time To Listen Listening helps you soak in the wisdom of others and allows you to quiet your own mind at the same time. Intense listening can help you feel content while helping you gain different perspectives. Nurture Social Relationships Positive social relationships are a key to happiness, so be sure you make time to visit with friends, family and your significant other.

Meditate Meditation helps you keep your mind focused, calms your nerves and supports inner peace.

22 Positive Habits of Happy People

Research shows it can even lead to physical changes in your brain that make you happier. Eat Well What you eat directly impacts your mood and energy levels in both the short and long term. Whereas eating right can prime your body and brain to be in a focused, happy state, eating processed junk foods will leave you sluggish and prone to chronic disease. My free nutrition plan is an excellent tool to help you choose the best foods for both physical and emotional wellness. Exercise Exercise boosts levels of health-promoting brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which may help buffer some of the effects of stress and also relieve some symptoms of depression.