New Age Deception In The Holy Land

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The event has been overshadowed by the Ukraine crisis, therefore not much coverage was done by mainstream media. Yet, the security organized in the city and around the building was set at the highest level as always with world government meetings. From these images one might believe to witness a state of emergency in the former U. Who are they protecting themselves from? Who could be the enemy of such powerful elite?

If all the nations' leaders are present at this meeting, who is posing a threat? Or the world's citizens who, having no arms, could never stand a chance against the overly weaponized 'democracy defending' army? Here, instead, is the video for all to watch — https: In the image below you can see that Barack Obama appears to be wearing an American flag unlike almost all of the other presidents and prime ministers who are wearing the pyramid-shaped pins. Posted below is the pyramid that can be found on the back of every one dollar bill on which it was added at a time when both the president and vice-president were Freemasons.

The following is how Vice President Henry Wallace described the deliberations that took place back then: Next he was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the new order of the ages had been laid in , but that it would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect". Roosevelt was a 32nd degree Mason. He suggested that the Seal be put on the dollar bill rather than on a coin and took the matter up with the Secretary of the Treasury. Farley said ' no, there would be no objection '. Americans carry these bills around with them every day, and yet they have no idea what this symbolism means.

When people do take the time to study this image, what usually jumps out at them right away is the phrase ' Novus Ordo Seclorum ', usually translated as 'New Order of the Ages'. At the top is another phrase — ' Annuit Coeptis '. It is usually translated as ' He approves of our undertakings '. But who is the ' he ' in that phrase? The key to figuring that out is to examine the pyramid itself. At the top of the pyramid sits the Eye of Horus. As author Rob Skiba has pointed out, these symbols come directly from Egyptian mythology: It is directly related to Osiris and his son Horus who is supposed to be the reincarnation of Osiris.

In the Egyptian picture language, the name Osiris is represented by the imagery of a throne, an eye and the profile of a man '. Skiba goes on to explain that the name Osiris essentially means ' He who has his eye on the throne '. And this pyramid on the back of every dollar bill is actually a prophecy that reflects the occult belief that one day Osiris will rise again and take his place on the throne of the 'New Order of the Ages'.

The Egyptian connection at the summit can be observed in the use of the pyramid in the pins , in the moving light above the center of the eye-resembling circle of power and in the symbols present along the ring of power and which resembles Egyptian hieroglyphs or the inscriptions that appear on the Ring of Power from 'The Lord of the Rings'. The secret room in the House of the Hidden Places shall be rediscovered.

The Pyramid again shall stand as the ideal emblem of solidarity, inspiration, aspiration, resurrection, and regeneration '. Penguin, , page The Trilateral Commission is a global, non-governmental, non-partisan private discussion group founded by David Rockefeller in July , to foster closer cooperation among North America, Western Europe, and Japan. The term Trilateral means Triangle as one can clearly see in the logo.

Sensing a profound discord among the nations of North America, Europe and Japan, the Trilateral Commission was founded to foster substantive political and economic dialogue across the world. To quote its founding declaration: It transcends and influences national systems… While it is important to develop greater cooperation among all the countries of the world, Japan, Western Europe, and North America, in view of their great weight in the world economy and their massive relations with one another, bear a special responsibility for developing effective cooperation, both in their own interests and in those of the rest of the world'.

Further progress of the developing countries and greater improvement of East-West relations will be a major concern'. Zbigniew Brzezinski , United States National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter from to , and a professor at Columbia University and Rockefeller advisor who was a specialist on international affairs, left his post at the time to organize the group.

The Trilateral Commission has been at the target of continuous accusations of being a private semi-criminal organization established above governmental powers and having immense influence on world's affairs and events as in the case of September 11, You must not succumb to absurd laws, which deny your free will. Never forget that you were born with the gift of free will — a Gift from God. Any man who takes away your free will denies God. Any government or nation, which denies you your free will to bear witness to God is being guided by Satan.

You, My beloved followers have been duped by satanic influences through those nations, which control your banks, your governments and your access to food " Jesus' message in The Book of Truth from March 31st, No number in the history of the World has stimulated more speculation than the enigmatic of Revelation 13 click here to see about the number In addition, the sum of the 15th triangular number and the 21st triangular number is the 26th triangular number The number is also an abundant number. The Number figures prominently in the Creation Holograph.

The Work of Creation. All of this is profoundly integrated with Base Ten and the prime Numbers 3, 7 which is explained with extreme precision by Vernon Jenkins in his article A Matter of Numerical Symbiosis. Most significant is the reiterative triangular structure of Genesis 1. The threefold appearance of the 36th triangle in the sum of Genesis 1. For further information, you can visit www. There seems to be a major push to subliminally insert such material in mainstream culture.

The following presentation was taken from the Trust's official site and can be seen at this link: A Mantram for the New Age and for all Humanity. From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men —. The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Men and women of goodwill throughout the world are using this Invocation in their own language. Will you join them in using the Invocation every day — with thought and dedication? By using the Invocation and encouraging others to use it, no particular group or organisation is sponsored. It belongs to all humanity. A video made and posted by the same UN company can be seen at the following link: Triangles Video Here are their words as written underneath the video: Using a world prayer called the Great Invocation, Triangles participants invoke light and love as a service to humanity '.

Such statement is interchangeable with the philosophy on which the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions is based: Interestingly, the image above used to publicize one of the organizations conferences displays 3 large pyramids. This global religions parliament, which as far back as was portrayed as a 'pantheon for pantheists' by writer G. Chesterton in the book ' The Everlasting Man ', was founded in An Initial Declaration ' was signed.

He is notable for his rejection of the doctrine of papal infallibility. The Declaration was signed at the Parliament of the World's Religions gathering in by more than leaders from over 40 different faith traditions and spiritual communities. Since it has been signed by thousands more leaders and individuals around the world. As such, it established a common ground for people of faith to agree and to cooperate for the good of all.

According to their website ' World Goodwill is working to establish right human relations through the use of the power of goodwill. The most contagious human quality which can be organised and made effective is goodwill. People of goodwill are potentially the richest asset in any nation, and can have tremendous influence on public opinion when properly associated and focused.

To bring in the new day, we do not need a further appraisal of the world condition based on a particular ideology or point of view. Rather, we need a deeper sense of reality based on spiritual values, and a new perception of humanity as a unit of divine life within an ordered and purposive universe. Needless to remind you that 'preachers' like Kenneth Copeland have, for long, pushed the expression 'I AM' for self worship in the heretic attempt to elevate mankind to God's unreachable perfection. The blasphemous prayer of satanic origin ends with ' I AM forever an Emissary of Light ' as if man had become one with the emissary of the false light Lucifer who, like men today, believed to be God himself.

Here is the prayer: What is the symbol used in the image above? It is the recurring circle with triangles that that we have seen previously and which seems to represent a 'divinity' or a 'cult'. Here is an explanation given by the same writer of the prayer we just read: The term "sacred circle" is perhaps a more appropriate description because a completed mandala contains images expressed from the depths of the psyche an is a precious sacred experience.

The images emerging in mandalas are symbols communicating what some call 'the forgotten language of God'.

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The basic mandala prototype, a simple circle, is without beginning or end and is a broad based cross cultural tool. In many spiritual cultures it represents wholeness. Mandala patterns are quite common and visible all around us. They can be seen from the ancient cultures in the mountains of Tibet to modern skyscapes and indigenous tribes around the globe.

Mandalas are also inherently seen in natural patterns in biology, geology, chemistry, physics and astronomy as well as in a wide range of architectural renderings around the world". This magic circle, therefore, has been used by the global political government named United Nations on their websites and during some events as well. Although we do not claim to know the entire picture as such subjects spring from the occult, which means 'the hidden' it is not unreasonable to claim that our world leaders are involved in occult practices of Babylonian-Egyptian origin through Freemasonry.

Here, indeed, is another example of the Mandala — the Magic Circle — in a now familiar event: Remember the hieroglyphs-looking symbols along the circle? Does every symbol correspond to a certain leader of a certain country? And why such choice? Nothing is a coincidence, especially for events that are this important. If, for example, not even the brand of the water they drink at the event would be picked lightly, doubtlessly would these inscriptions be the result of some random artistic decor.

In the comp above, we have over-imposed the Mandala circle unto the 'political-occult ring' of power- ful nations. The rotating pyramid of neon light goes perfectly with the triangle appearing within each Mandala, or each Illuminati symbol. The empty central circle which all the powerful people face as if something important was to be honored in the way we Catholics would with the most Sacred Altar in our churches works as the pupil and iris of the 'All Seeing Eye' of Horus: The eye of Horus has been used obsessively by the order of the Illuminati for centuries to represent the spirit of Horus, which comes from Satan: Introduction and Proposed Goals and Targets on Sustainable Development for the Post Development Agenda by the United Nations We reaffirm that we continue to be guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, with full respect for international law and its principles.

We reaffirm the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as other international instruments relating to human rights and international law. We recognize that people, of all ages and abilities, are at the centre of sustainable development and, in this regard, we strive for a world that is just, equitable and inclusive, and we commit to work together to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection and thereby to benefit all.

We acknowledge the natural and cultural diversity of the world, and recognize that all cultures and civilizations can contribute to sustainable development. We affirm that there are different approaches, visions, models and tools available to each country, in accordance with its national circumstances and priorities, to achieve sustainable development in its three dimensions.

New Age Deception In the Holy Land!

We recognize that each country faces specific challenges to achieve sustainable development, and we underscore the special challenges facing the most vulnerable countries and, in particular, African countries, least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing States, as well as the specific challenges facing the middle-income countries. Countries in situations of conflict also need special attention. We reaffirm all the principles of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, including, inter alia, the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, as set out in principle 7 thereof.

We reaffirm our commitment to strengthen international cooperation to address the persistent challenges related to sustainable development for all, in particular in developing countries. Sustainable development can only be achieved with a broad alliance of people, governments, civil society and the private sector, all working together to secure the future we want for present and future generations. We reaffirm that the means of implementation identified in Agenda 21, the Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21, the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, the Monterrey Consensus of the International Conference on Financing for Development and the Doha Declaration on Financing for Development are indispensable for achieving the full and effective translation of sustainable development commitments into tangible sustainable development outcomes.

In this regard, we look forward to the report of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing and the substantive outcome of the third International Conference on Financing for Development in July We reiterate that each country has primary responsibility for its own economic and social development and that the role of national policies, domestic resources and development strategies cannot be overemphasized. We reaffirm that developing countries need additional resources for sustainable development.

We recognize the need for significant mobilization of resources from a variety of sources and the effective use of financing, in order to promote sustainable development. We acknowledge that good governance and the rule of law at the national and international levels are essential for sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth, sustainable development and the eradication of poverty and hunger.

We also acknowledge that the implementation of sustainable development goals will depend on the active engagement of all public and private stakeholders. A robust mechanism of implementation review will be essential for the success of the SDGs. The High Level Political Forum is to play a key role in this regard. Sustainable Development Goals are accompanied by targets and will be further elaborated through indicators focused on measurable outcomes.

They are action oriented, global in nature and universally applicable to all countries, while taking into account different national realities, capacities and levels of development and respecting national policies and priorities. There was a conscious and careful attempt to package and market holistic health in a more scientific and mainstream-acceptable way so as to appeal to the broadest possible number of people.

This was done with good intent, as it was believed that holistic health is totally beneficial to all people. But the essential problem is that New Age philosophy lies at the core of much of the holistic health field. My educational experiences there led to an even more subtle seduction. By seeing how the New Age could apply to so many different aspects of life — exercise, nutrition, body therapies, emotional health, stress management, etc. In fact, I experienced significant psychological healing and enhanced physical health by applying some of the techniques over several years.

I also saw that a few aspects of holistic health — particularly some of the exercise and nutritional information — have a scientifically verified basis. The area of holistic health is one of the most subtle and sophisticated areas of the murky merging of the esoteric and the mundane, the metaphysical with the mainstream, the pseudo-scientific with the scientific, the non-New Age with the New Age. Trance channeling is a phenomenon in which the medium allows a spirit to take over the mind and body. The medium is usually totally unconscious of whatever happens during the session.

A mantra is a word or short phrase that is repetitiously sounded in meditation. Many mantras are names of various Hindu deities. For an in-depth analysis on this subject, see New Age Medicine: Somehow, the startling sequence of events that was to overtake me shortly seemed as if destiny already had charted out this bizarre but astonishing rise to New Age fame. In the midst of all the uncanny, overwhelming, bizarre, and wacky happenings detailed in this chapter, powerful forces were at work to raise me up to a position of leadership.

It never, ever occurred to me that Satan could be in back of all of this. Such a thought would have seemed absolutely outlandish at the time. The New Age, I thought, was the veritable stepping stone into the kingdom of heaven. The deluded of the New Age are not aware of their delusion. This is what is so pitiful — and so potentially dangerous. So much of the New Age felt so good, so true, so awe-inspiring.

Oh, the cleverness and finesse of the adversary, who devises schemes within schemes and wraps them within other entrancing schemes. To follow this tale of deception, brainwashing, and bondage is to see the enemy at work, as an angel of light, beautiful on the outside but rotten at the core. By coming to perceive this weird, brainwashed New Age mentality, the reader is better forewarned of the motives and goals of New Agers, as well as some of the deceiving strategies of the Antichrist forces.

Freshly graduated from holistic health school, holding high hopes and enthusiastic visions of a successful career, I had no idea of the even more radical twist my life was about to take. For a while events unfolded as I had foreseen. Business was slow, but I knew it would take time to build up a practice. It looked like something right up my alley. It would be nice to find some metaphysically like-minded people to New Age around with. I called the number and talked for a while with a sweet-sounding lady who was the director.

She informed me that this Center was composed of a loosely affiliated group of people who would attend free-of-charge lectures and programs on various New Age topics. There was no membership, no fees, and no commitment necessary. During the conversation, I offered to give a free evening lecture on holistic health sometime. She agreed and we set a date. Later, after the presentation, Vicki, the director, and I chatted for a while after every one else had gone. She told me in a light but honest way that she virtually detested health foods and all that holistic health craze.

I thought she was a pleasant person, but definitely not my type. There was definitely some static behind our friendly demeanor toward one another, but strangely enough there was a growing spiritual attraction. Somehow, we would find ourselves talking late into the night after a meeting was over, even as we carefully positioned ourselves at very opposite ends of a long couch. Time after time this would happen. But there was a mutual spiritual attraction that was growing so strong that it started to frighten us. Over several weeks we searched in our meditations for direction regarding this alarming situation.

The idea of meditating with a hunk of rock sounded patently ridiculous. After laughing about the idea for a couple of days, I decided to give it a shot. Only minutes after focusing on the crystal in a state of trance-like meditation, my consciousness was catapulted into electrifying domains of extra-natural light the likes of which I had never before perceived.

For the rest of the week my crystal-aided meditations brought vivid visions of strange high-tech machines and contraptions all using crystal in different ways.

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It was like stepping into a science fiction novel about technologies on an alien planet. I also saw visions of a high-crystal-tech holistic health clinic with lasers, holography, color beams, glowing liquids, and more in this mind-boggling sci-fi film. Several close friends remarked on a distinct change in my demeanor.

Somehow, they said, I was more charged and outgoing. I felt blissful, as if I had found an entirely new part of myself. Sure, all this was a blast and I was riding a high like I had never known, but later there would be a very dear price to pay for all this occult adventurism. A dear price indeed. With seemingly providential timing, a man called the New Age Awareness Center to see if the center would sponsor his 1-day crystal workshop. Vicki and I marvelled at this uncanny coincidence.

I thought that this was a crazy idea, but went ahead and tried it anyway. We were guided to explore various sensory perceptions of the crystal structure — are there any sounds, how does it feel, what do you see, etc. Almost everyone in the workshop experienced some perceptions, though they were all different from each other. In a later guided meditation, I saw a vision of a large library composed solely of different sizes and shapes of crystals, each containing volumes of stored information, like a sci-fi, futuristic concept.

I also saw elaborate crystal computers glowing and scintillating with multicolored electric charges. Funny thing about the alien technicians, they worked together wordlessly like a bunch of bees in a coordinated group synchrony. This was getting a little crazy. After the workshop, my mind was reeling with the new ideas, trying to comprehend this new world that was opening up inside of me.

I really was getting hooked on crystals. Shortly thereafter I went to a psychic fair in Dallas. He was not giving psychic readings about people, but rather about crystals. He said that he could tell you the history of the crystal, what kind of information it contained, and what its best uses were. He had been involved in crystals for a number of years already, and knew much more than I did. At the time — the very early 80s — crystal power was still very much a lesser-known, unpopular topic.

I really had never thought much about UFOs before, but the stories were utterly fascinating. Little did I know then how large a role the UFO-connection would play in my own life and in the s New Age as a whole. It was a strange-looking, blackish, ovoid-shaped stone with thousands of tiny spines sticking out all around it.

Years later I found out that this was a rock called tektite, the unusual characteristics of which still cause debate among scientists as to whether it is a type of meteor. The Grand Alignment was fast approaching. Such times always seem to bring out the most dramatic experiences in New Agers.

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We were no different. As the moment of Grand Alignment came to pass, Vicki and I both independently came to a decision to move from East Texas. We did what many New Agers would do — we got out a map of the USA and used a pendulum to divine our next destination. We also decided that because of the deep bond we shared in doing our New Age light-work that we should be married. That there was no romance between us was secondary — we just felt that we should be together.

It was an unusual strain of New Age thinking, to be sure. And, typical of New Agers, we wanted to do it in a mystical location. The Marfa Lights are sightings of strange luminous appearances that seem to center around Marfa, dating back to American Indian times. Many myths and legends surround this unexplained phenomenon. New Agers love this kind of thing. Over the next couple of months we planned our move to the promising metaphysical horizons of Santa Fe. Though we had little money, no jobs waiting, and little idea of what we actually were going to do there, we simply trusted in our inner guidance and the tail of the pendulum.

We did the spiritual marriage ritual in this utterly desolate location. We felt like intrepid metaphysical voyagers seeking out new vistas, charting new lands. Little did we know that our years in northern New Mexico would exceed our wildest dreams — and we could dream pretty wildly. Shasta , California , Maui , Hawaii , and Sedona , Arizona are other prime examples of such metaphysical magnets. Santa Fe in those days — the late 70s to early 80s — was really like an isolated microcosm of the New Age Movement.

In some ways it was like a miniature Southwest version of the leading-edge San Francisco-based New Age subculture. If something New Age really was happening it would be happening in Santa Fe. The metaphysical menu was always extensive and dynamically changing. For the exploring New Ager, this was a paradise. The unique South-western combination of high desert, mesas, and mountains, as well as the smell of pinyon in the air, can be breathtaking at times. Exploring the mystical landscapes of the Southwest was our quest. There was much to explore and many surprises. The spiritual honeymoon was a head-turning one, though a most New Age one.

The spirit world began to speak to us explicitly and directly. All of a sudden Vicki would go into a trance. Then a spirit would come into her body and animatedly speak. These electrically compelling spirits would come in and identify themselves, and then proceed to convey some august universal message of great import.

They would answer my questions with what sounded like great wisdom and supernatural prescience. The power emanating from these spirits was overwhelming and entrancingly intoxicating. She was totally oblivious to what was being said and done. I was flabbergasted by what they told me. I was stunned for days by these overpowering experiences and revelations. I thought that I was pretty far out before all of this.

New Age Deception In the Holy Land!

The higher plateaus of my seduction and bondage were set into motion here with full force. I had been enticed with visions of high cosmic drama and promises of world-shaking spiritual work to be done, while the powerful charms of luminous demons masquerading as angels of light conspired to mesmerize and brainwash me to deeper levels of bondage. Channeling of this kind is really quite common in many New Age circles. Many who are true-believers maintain successful professional careers even as they fully indulge in the New Age. What to some would appear verging on the insane or inane , appears to these true-believers as high truth beyond the reckoning of the less evolved.

In retrospect, I see that the sometimes overwhelming power accompanying these experiences that I thought then was heavenly love and light was actually an entrancing force put forth by demonic deceivers so that a type of open-eyed, light-to-deep hypnotic trance occurs in the recipients. Recall how easy it is for professional hypnotists to hypnotise a group of people all at once.

Once in this trance state, the people can be implanted with all kinds of normal-to-bizarre hypnotic suggestions that they will perform at the command of the hypnotist. With regard to New Age channeling, a parallel dynamic takes place, though the mode of hypnotising and the suggestions implanted are of a very different variety. Up to this point, I was a student, basking in the comfort of the pursuit of knowledge while not yet being tied to the full gamut of adult responsibilities.

Now I had to go out and make an actual living in the real world of bills to pay and duties to fulfill. More than anything else, the next years were a transition into married manhood. It was indeed a learning experience. With a fair amount of perseverance, fortitude, and resourcefulness a New Ager with some type of professional New Age training can eek out a passable living. Over the next two years I was involved in a fairly wide spectrum of activities, including the following.

This list is a partial study of New Age inroads into some branches of mainstream society: Various metaphysical and holistic health speakers would give free evening presentations. The smorgasbord of New Age topics would include such things as: We were quite the New Age activists, dedicatedly propagating the wonderful news of the New Age to as many as would listen. While all this was happening, powerful forces were continuing to guide and groom me for future works of much greater magnitude.

These first few years in the Santa Fe scene were as a local apprenticeship leading up to national-level New Age seership. Before detailing these formative forces and events, it is interesting to note a certain visitor who appeared one night at our doorstep unannounced. A clean-cut young man, about 18 or so, asked if he might come in. Hesitatingly, I allowed him in and offered him a seat. He came right to the point: Rather taken aback by such an unexpected comment, I asked him to repeat this — maybe I had not heard him correctly.

He did so, and I heard it the same as before.

The "New Age" deception EXPOSED - Full Length

Trying to be reasonable, I asked him if he would care to elaborate on this statement — could he prove this in any way? He simply repeated his statement: Understanding this was all he was going to say, I politely thanked him for relaying the message, and assured him I would ponder it.

After he left, I simply dismissed the event as being from a crank. Now, in retrospect, I wonder if Jesus Christ sent me a messenger that night to gently but firmly deliver His truth and a way out of my glittery bondage before I became even more deeply imbedded in it. Within the first month of arriving in Santa Fe , some acquaintances told us of someone we had to meet. A swirl of dramas surrounded this man: The man was like a human vortex of cosmic happenings. He used a lot of advanced-sounding scientific terms mixed up with an unusual metaphysical jargon. When I started leafing through its pages, a surge of energy gripped me.

I was so enthralled that I cut the meeting short and made a bee-line for the closest metaphysical bookstore. If I would have had to drive miles that day to get this book, I would have done so. Fortunately a copy was available at a metaphysical bookstore 15 minutes away. Over the next two months I was obsessed thoroughly with the Keys. The author is a man with many highly respected scholarly and scientific credentials including more than one Ph.

I had read thousands of religion and metaphysical books, but this one was in a class by itself. My mind-gates were indeed being unlocked, and I was being re-circuited into a whole new dimension of New Age higher consciousness. The Keys of Enoch claims to be a complete cosmic synthesis of the spiritual and scientific realms. Interestingly, as I became more and more re-circuited, I came to be fascinated with scientific principles and many areas of leading-edge high technology.

This was new to me, for I never really had cared for the dry world of science. In Keys of Enoch I read that startling advances in such diverse scientific fields as genetic engineering, telecommunications, supercomputers, nuclear fusion technology, artificial intelligence, solid state physics, quantum physics, advanced holography, laser optics, astrophysics, and others were to be combined with New Age spiritual philosophy in creating a utopian New World Order. At least, this is what Keys of Enoch and much of New Age philosophy proposes. In reality, under the guise of light, peace, and love, the New Age seeks to re-make the world into a utopian society that is actually set up by the false Messiah — the Antichrist — leading to attempted world domination.

This New Age spiritual-scientific worldview became the guiding force behind all my future work. For some uncanny reason, I had a special affinity with all this that seemed to just blossom forth from within. It was like I had a special talent that, heretofore, was totally untapped. Outwardly, my life was very demanding but the challenges of being a New Age activist and a career man were being met quite well. I was basically a happy and fulfilled person, though a significant feeling of inner emptiness persisted. In the New Age circles all around the country it is not unusual at all to find many people moving through all kinds of such radical higher consciousness transformations.

They both have made public some of their life-changing higher consciousness transformations, and both still enjoy prolific and highly successful careers. In my own case, within three years of moving to New Mexico , I would come to write two popular New Age books that were published by Harper and Row, a major mainstream publishing house. One can be enmeshed deeply in New Age lies, and at the same time still lead an apparently sane and productive life.

This is part of what makes the New Age movement so dangerous. It was only a year or so since my very first crystal experiences, and I had no idea how I could accomplish such a task. This was back in when there were only a few meager and obscure crystal books on the market. It was just a year or two before the massive crystal craze would start to sweep the New Age like a raging wildfire.

I was to sit in the very center of the crystals with my head underneath the pyramid. To my amazement, as I would enter a kind of semi-conscious trance, discernible thoughts, inspirations, and pictures would appear in my mind. All this was not my own doing — the spirit guides were transmitting their thoughts and influences to me.

My job, effectively, was to take notes and then shape up the material into book form. Over a period of three months I would take my position in the crystal circle for hours per day and receive and transcribe this information. Out of hundreds of publishers, I chose 15 of them to send manuscripts. Thirteen were returned with a flat rejection notice. One small company was somewhat interested. And, after nine months of deliberation, the major publisher chose my manuscript.

Honestly, at times before this happened, especially when things got a little rough, I was inclined to doubt the revelations and prophetic projections of the spirit guides. But signing a contract with a publisher of blue-chip stature and eventually seeing the book in bookstores all around the country was pretty solid confirmation to me.

I was unaware, though, that the power of Satan can work quite effectively in bottom-line reality, too. The book, entitled Windows of Light: Released in , the subject of crystals really was beginning to catch fire. Mine was one of the very first modern-day books on this topic to be released. It sold very well, and generally was considered to be the best book in the field for a number of years. As more and more crystal books cascaded forth in the coming years, my book was considered by most to be consistently among the top three books in the field.

At this time, I started to give weekend seminars in numerous major cities across America. The stage was set for the rise to national leadership. Even as this book first was reaching bookstores and my national New Age career germinated, voluminous notes were being compiled for a second book. With each passing month, the information was becoming more advanced and elaborate. It was as if I was advancing through different grade levels in a cosmic schoolhouse. For instance the crystal power ritual techniques were becoming much more complicated.

Many of them involved attempts to stimulate and activate what the New Age calls the various psychic power centers located in the brain so as to awaken super-human higher mind-power abilities. I also started to receive visions of hundreds of different crystal-based inventions. These inventions were not confined just to crystals; they also included pyramids, magnets, sonics, New Age music, color, lasers, electronic devices, computers, high-tech trance-induction machines, and others.

Many were quite intricate; some even involved elaborate room-size set-ups involving hundreds of crystals and pyramids, among all the other elements. I was tapping into what seemed to be a mother lode of New Age sacred science. Though the subject of sacred science is a most complex one, basically this aspect of the New Age is an attempt at a type of modern-day, high-tech sorcery and white magic.

With a unique blend of a high-tech devices like lasers, computers, etc. The fatal flaw among other defects of sacred science is that it is a human-devised technological pretender to the throne of Jesus Christ and His way, His Truth, and His life. It is nothing less than an attempt at a modern-day Tower of Babel. Essentially, New Age science is the attempt to manipulate reality in increasingly more powerful ways via an occult-based sorcery of sorts. To the orthodox scientist sacred science is a fringe-element pseudo-science. To those in the New Age, though, this topic is subject to much speculation and theorizing.

Some of these inventions and techniques are experienced subjectively as being effective, sometimes extremely so, in pursuing New Age goals.

  1. New Age Religion of the New World Order;
  2. Croatia: Between Europe and the Balkans (Postcommunist States and Nations).
  3. .
  4. New Age Deception In the Holy Land! by Stephen Volk (eBook) - Lulu;
  5. Adventures of Obsession - The Beginning, Pirate to Patriot!
  6. .
  7. Behind The Scenes (Tabor Heights, Ohio)!
  8. Is New Age science just another Alice in Wonderland fantasy? Does it involve the placebo effect? Does it have any connection to the UFO issue? No matter whether sacred science works to some degree or not, I can testify today that it is based on occult principles and practices that are all forbidden, either explicitly or implicitly, in the Holy Bible Deut.

    This is the ultimate flaw of New Age sacred science. It proved later to be one of my most difficult lessons of all to learn. At an upscale, nationally known resort outside of Santa Fe , I met the third in the series of high-energy macro-cosmic figures. He had an impressive array of highly elaborate, sophisticated looking sacred science devices involving pyramids, crystals, lasers, electronic apparatuses, computers, psychedelic-type New Age music, subliminal cassette tapes, and exotic trance-inducing aromas. These devices were set up in a large symmetrical grid arrangement in a very spacious conference hall.

    They then were to beam back down to Earth and help lead the world through a transition period into the One World Golden Era — the New Age. Had I come to the right place? What Saint, Marco Atlantis, my spirit guides, Keys of Enoch , and many channeled New Age books were all talking about, seemed to be happening before my very eyes. Marco Atlantis, who had been living in Albuquerque , even moved onto the resort lands. Was it wishful thinking?

    Or demon-controlled delusion and brainwashing? He claimed that he physically was beamed up to a command spaceship and was greeted by the fleet commander, a space-woman named Semjaza, originating from the Pleiades star system. She then appointed him to coordinate the Plan on the earthly end of things. Electric anticipation filled the air for several months. As so often happens, personality friction started to build up. Especially when it came to the issue of who was in command — John or Marco Atlantis. A rift of tension eventually tore the situation apart, even as the appointed date of the Beam-down came and went.

    Though somewhat disappointed, I went away from this involvement feeling much more knowledgeable about sacred science and the UFO-connection. As I cut off all ties with John and Marco Atlantis, I felt that their egos had botched the situation and that John had been accurate about some topics but was in error with the setting of dates for the Beam-down.

    Looking at this scenario today, I see that my early guru-connection by now had been replaced by a punch of the UFO-connection, the crystal-connection, and the Keys of Enoch connection. All three New Age connections now had become my most powerful links of delusion. By now I was in deep trouble but was absolutely unaware of it. You might think that surely all this totally bizarre New Age UFO drama is probably just an isolated incident. Would you believe that more than 75 percent of New Agers hold a completely unshakable belief in the reality of UFOs?

    Actually, 75 percent is probably an understatement.

    The New Age of the New World Order

    For instance, John Denver has made public the belief that he originated from a place near the Lyra nebula. Personally, I was convinced completely that my celestial home was Orion. In fact, the question of whether UFOs are real is rarely contested or questioned. This belief is part and parcel of much, though not all, of the New Age mentality. Most New Agers hold firmly to the view that hundreds, if not thousands, of UFOs already are deeply involved in rendering aid to planet Earth in subtle but highly significant ways.

    These extraterrestrials are believed to have a highly evolved spiritual philosophy akin to New Age philosophy and extremely advanced technologies, both of which form the foundation for the New Age One World Order. As wacky as all this sounds, there are many millions of New Agers who absolutely are convinced of this view. In commenting on this topic in his book, Angels: Some scientists have reached the place where they think they can prove that these are possibly visitors from outer space ….

    They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Looking back on when I used to believe in the New Age lie, it is nothing less than utterly terrifying. The demonic power behind the seduction is dazzling to the point of blindness. Had Jesus not delivered me from the powerful delusion of the New Age, I certainly would have been shocked to the core at the time of judgement. Not a very pleasant fate, to be sure. Marco Atlantis was for a short time, living at his small headquarters in the suburban sections of this arid New Mexico city.

    He put in a word about Vicki and me, and we were granted a personal audience. Buzzing with excitement about being in the presence of a Universal Master, we entered a nondescript, medium-sized suburban adobe house. We were to sit on pillows on the floor, directly in front of him. He was a smallish man, Middle-Eastern-looking, and rather nondescript in appearance. Here he was, an enlightened Master. What divine dewdrops would he bless us with?

    Three Falacies Of Third Wave Spiritual Warfare Teachings

    After about 30 minutes, both Vicki and I had clued in to the fact that this guy perhaps was well-intentioned but seriously deluded about himself and his supposedly supreme universal stature. We started to ask him a few trick questions, and he seemed oblivious to the fact that he was providing answers about concrete facts of our personal life that were totally incorrect.

    There was definitely, though, a buzz in the atmosphere of the place. His followers repeatedly called us afterwards, trying to firm up what they thought to be our converted discipleship. They kept asking us for favors and money, which we politely fended off. Later, we heard no more from him, nor do we know what became of his female entourage. Apparently the world was not ready to receive his royal New Ageness, and he did not appear as promised. In the years since, no one, not even anyone in the New Age Movement, has confirmed any of this, and it remains a mystery.

    On January 12, , a full page ad in USA Today added another installment of this drama, proclaiming: A great World Teacher for people of every religion and no religion. Did I meet the real Lord Maitreya or merely a pale imitation? To this day, I do not know. Maybe so, maybe not.

    There are thousands of false prophets and false christs rampant in the New Age landscape. If I did in fact meet the one being trumpeted so grandly, I can see why he would not come out of the closet. The sham would be all too obvious. He would fare no better than one of his early predecessors — a man by the name of J.

    In the mids this young wunderkind dazzled audiences in India with reported coronets of brilliant blue appearing over his head as he spoke of himself in the first person as a god. As he attempted to extend his reign, he arrived to thunderous cheers in Europe.

    There are thousands and thousands of false prophets and false christs springing up in the New Age Movement today. In fact, the New Age serves as a prime breeding ground of sorts for Satan to groom and raise up a wide variety of these agents of deception, from the more obvious ones to the more subtle, slick, and sophisticated. In his schemes within schemes wrapped within other schemes, the enemy lays out a full array of false prophets and false christs, the more obvious ones relatively clearly and easily are identified as such.

    About six months later there was a buzz around town — one of the hottest channels in the country was bringing her program to New Mexico. With the session starting 45 minutes late, the crowd of or so had an edge of high anticipation and irritated edginess. The grand entrance of Ms. S, already in trance and in character as Master D, was suitably regal. Suitably enthroned on a kingly looking chair up on a high platform, Master D surveyed the entire room silently for minutes, ostensibly to see all and know all about everyone in the room.

    Firstimers like myself were seated in the front rows, and possibly we were to be granted the opportunity to ask Master D any question we wanted. Here was my big chance, if he she? To my great surprise, Master D turned straightaway to me. As I opened my mouth to ask the first question, I felt a force envelop me, putting me somewhat off-guard and a little fuzzy-headed.

    Though I was to find out later that Master D customarily spends only minutes with each person, he dialogued with me for a good minutes. Actually, it was more a monologue. I had asked a couple of questions about my New Age spiritual work and its future directions. What I received was an extended discourse on the misdirectedness and futility of my current projects and goals.

    I was stunned both rationally and by a force that made me quite passive and virtually unable to challenge what was being said. I watched myself turn into a yes-man, just nodding my head in a kind of open-eyed trance while the entire group watched. After Master D finally turned elsewhere, I felt like I was run over by a cosmic locomotive. My mind still was extremely passive and unable to form focused thoughts, and my body was numb and somewhat limp.

    The trance-inducing abilities of many demon-spirits are quite potent indeed. What was going on here? Master D had negated everything that the other Universal Masters had been relaying to me for two years. After the program ended, while walking toward the exit one of Ms. He informed me that Ms.

    S was quite impressed with me, and thought I had a lot of potential for doing New Age light-work. And, if I were interested in pursuing a position in the organization, to contact him. Well, I thought, this is quite a turnabout. Driving back home, it finally struck me. Blavatsky claimed an elite priesthood had escaped from the lost continent of Atlantis and found its way to Tibet, and that it was this race that became the Aryans. Israel today is now embracing the Theosophical movement embraced by Heinrich Himmler! New Age Deception in the Holy Land is a historical record and urgent warning - exposing the unseen war raging in the Holy Land!

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